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Ask for the Settlement You Deserve After a Workplace Injury

Any accident that happens at your workplace, no matter the cause, is likely covered by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. If you are a W-2 employee, your company is required by law to provide this coverage. Workers’ compensation covers all expenses due to work-related injuries, including:

  • Medical benefits
  • Lost wages
  • Disability benefits

However, like any insurer, a workers’ compensation company does not want to pay out any claims it can avoid. To challenge your claim, insurance companies will often go so far to have someone watch you for evidence you are not injured as badly as you have told them. They will bring any arguments they can against your claim, and may outright deny you the benefits you are entitled to.

Our workers’ compensation attorneys can help you fight back against this unfair system. We have helped many clients recover full compensation after a workplace injury. However, the clock is ticking if you have been in a work accident. Insurers will not wait to challenge your claim. Talk to our lawyers as soon as possible if you have been injured at work. We can help you gather evidence and put together a comprehensive claim that addresses many arguments an insurer may try to use against you. Receiving compensation for your losses is especially important after a bad workplace injury. Don’t take a chance with our future.

Know Your Rights After a Workplace Injury

Sometimes we talk to people who have been told by their boss not to file for workers’ compensation. If this sounds like you, we urge you to get a second opinion from someone outside your company. Despite the excuses you might hear from someone in leadership or an insurance representative, workers’ compensation is required to cover most any workplace danger that results in damages. This includes:

  • Accidents, whether caused by you or a coworker
  • Exposure to toxic agents or chemicals
  • Occupational diseases
  • Repetitive strain/overuse injuries

Once you report your injury to your employer, they are required to make a report to the Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation. At this point, we recommend you contact an attorney as well. Your employer is entitled to choose a doctor to evaluate your injury. However, our team may be able to help you identify other evidence that will support your claim. We can also help you save and organize documents you will need to prove your expenses. Finally, we can let you know if your employer or their insurer tries to do anything that infringes on your rights as a worker. From start to finish, we are here with you.

Employer Retaliation for Workers’ Compensation Claims

It is illegal for your boss to punish you in any way for seeking workers’ compensation. This coverage is something you have the right to as an employee in Missouri. Any employer who tries to:

  • demote you,
  • reduce your hours,
  • change your schedule to a less desirable one,
  • abuse or mistreat you, or
  • fire you

because you file an injury report is violating the law.

Of course, most companies know enough to make it look like any disciplinary actions are being taken for other reasons. They know obvious retaliation will not be tolerated by the courts. If you face any of this behavior after filing a workers’ compensation claim, our attorneys can help you gather evidence and put together a case that shows the connection between your report and the actions that have been taken against you. This is not a fight you want to take on alone.

The Help You Need After a Workplace Injury

Millions of Americans are injured in workplace accidents each year, requiring medical treatment and/or time off to recover. If this has happened to you, know that you do have the right to workers’ compensation. Our attorneys can meet with you free of charge to review your case and help you file a claim. We will do everything we can to fight for you, including filing a lawsuit if necessary.

Especially if you’ve been badly injured, receiving payment for your medical expenses and missed work is essential. We are here to work with you and help alleviate the extra stress you may be facing at such a time.

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