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After an accident, even when you have access to the best medical care possible, sometimes the doctor comes back with bad news. There’s only so much they can do to help a patient recover. If you receive a catastrophic injury—one that will result in a lasting disability—your life and the lives of your loved ones may face big changes. We understand how difficult it can be to face this prospect, especially while you are still trying to recover and come to terms with what has happened.

However, this time is also extremely important when it comes to receiving the compensation you need for your injuries. Insurers try to reach out to accident victims as soon as they can to start the settlement process. The worse your injuries are, the quicker they’ll try to get a “yes” from you, so you don’t have time to look into what the true expenses of your injury will be.

When it comes to catastrophic injuries, damages stretch much further than your current medical bills. Those may be large as well and are of course eligible for inclusion in your claim. Our attorneys can also sit down with you and medical consultants to help determine expenses such as:

  • Lost wages
  • Decrease in earning potential
  • Expenses of future care
  • Expenses of procuring/using accommodations
  • Loss of quality of life

These are all things you can ask an insurer to pay. In a situation where your injury will affect the rest of your life, maximizing your compensation can allow you to find a way forward without feeling permanently financially pressured. We can help you determine how much you can ask for and negotiate on your behalf instead of accepting an insurance adjuster’s too-low offer.

How Do Catastrophic Injuries Occur?

Catastrophic injuries can occur as a result of many different types of accidents. In St. Louis, we are particularly familiar with catastrophic injuries that occur in the following:

No matter what type of accident you were in, if you have suffered serious and lasting damage, call us today to learn more about your legal rights and options for pursuing your claim.

Call Geoff Meyerkord Law Firm today at (314) 500-6000 if you or a loved one has been catastrophically injured. We are here to help accident victims in St. Louis find relief in difficult times.

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What Are Catastrophic Injuries?

A catastrophic injury is any hurt that will persist in some way throughout your life. Unlike some injuries, like lacerations, sprains, or musculoskeletal damage, catastrophic injuries cannot fully heal. Of course, these injuries can happen at different severities. Some patients may be able to mostly return to their old life, while others may need day-to-day aid. What you ask for will depend on how much the injury changes your needs both now and in the future.

Some catastrophic injuries our team can help with include:

  • Amputations/loss of limb
  • Blindness
  • Burn injuries
  • Fractures, especially of major bones
  • Paraplegia
  • Spine and back injury
  • Tetraplegia (quadriplegia)
  • Traumatic brain injuries

Having an attorney who is experienced with medical cases matters in catastrophic injury claims. Not only do we have professional consultants to help us identify the extent of your medical damages, but we can also respond to technical and/or complex arguments made by an insurance adjuster. Ask our team how our experience can improve your chances when it comes to receiving justice.

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As a family-owned firm, we are focused on building relationships and caring for those in our community. When you work with Geoff Meyerkord Law Firm, you will get a kind team on your side. Unlike big firms, we take time with each case, getting to know each client’s story and needs so we can make a strong argument on their behalf. If you have questions, you can reach out straight to your attorney. We’ll also reach out to you whenever there are updates to your case.

Looking to your future after a catastrophic injury is difficult in many ways. Our team wants to help you make sure you can afford the care you need and provide for any other expenses you’re now facing. With 24 years of experience and a record of courtroom success, we are ready to fight on your behalf.

Call our St. Louis team at (314) 500-6000 for a free consultation. We are available 24/7 and will meet wherever is easiest for you.

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