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Bicyclists and Pedestrians Are Outmatched in Car Accidents. Don’t Be Outmatched by an Insurer as Well.

Between bicyclers and pedestrians caught in accidents with other motor vehicles, 2018 saw over 7,000 fatalities. Those who survive these collisions may experience serious injuries including:

  • Broken bones
  • Head and neck injury
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Loss of limb
  • Spine injuries

Because motor vehicles are so much bigger and traveling at higher speeds than pedestrians or bicyclists, they can cause a vast amount of musculoskeletal damage. Their victims deserve support.

Have you or a loved one been injured in this way? We want to support you as you recover and help you make sense of your legal options. You might be able to receive compensation to cover your medical bills, missed wages, and other losses. You deserve the best care during your recovery, and it’s only just the at-fault party deal with the consequences of negligent driving.

Call our team at (314) 500-6000 if you were injured in a bicycle or pedestrian accident. We are here to support you in the pursuit of a fair settlement.

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A Common Cause of Accidents: Visibility

Because bikers and pedestrians are so much smaller than anything else on the road, they may be easy to miss or hidden from view by other vehicles. Despite rules urging drivers to share the road and give pedestrians the right-of-way, some motorists don’t follow them or simply forget to look. People on foot or on a bike are not able to move out of the way as quickly as other vehicles, so one small misstep can cause an accident.

Bicyclers and pedestrians are often injured in incidents where:

  • A motorist fails to yield right-of-way
  • A driver makes a turn into their path
  • A motorist does not give enough room when passing someone in the shoulder/on the side of the road
  • A motorist turning into the street intersects their path
  • They do not make it across the intersection before the light turns red
  • A car stops to yield right-of-way but blocks another driver’s view of them

When you’re on foot or riding a bike, you can help protect your safety by stopping to look both ways when you reach an intersection. However, because motor vehicles move so much faster than pedestrians or bikers, they often create situations where the accident victim is trapped and cannot escape.

Why Do I Need an Attorney for a Bike or Pedestrian Accident?

Bikers and pedestrians often, sadly, face serious injuries that require intense treatment. While you are recovering, insurers may try to rush you through to a settlement before you discover the full impact of the accident. Many people in this situation have never been in an accident before so they don’t even know how to negotiate with pushy insurance adjusters. Trying to figure everything out while getting the treatment and rest you need can be difficult.

When you work with our attorneys, we can take on the hard work of proving your case and negotiating with your insurer. Our team is skilled when it comes to:

  • Investigating accidents
  • Challenging insurers’ arguments
  • Using evidence to prove your case
  • Negotiating settlements based on your actual needs
  • Litigating cases

Knowing you have an ally fighting for you will help take some of the stress off your shoulders. When you work with Geoff Meyerkord Law Firm, you can be assured we will do whatever is needed to pursue your case. If an insurer won’t settle, we can passionately argue your case in court.

Our team has helped accident victims receive hundreds of thousands more than they were originally offered. Each case is different—but before you talk to an insurer, come speak to our team. An attorney will sit down with you to review your case and offer honest and straightforward guidance. You can call at any time of the day or night if you need help.

If you’re a pedestrian or biker who suffered an accident in St. Louis, reach out to our attorneys. We will answer your call 24/7 at (314) 310-5859.

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