Case Summary: Hit & Run Driver, Uninsured Motorist - All Policy Limits Paid

Hit & Run

Three St. Louis County women were awarded a settlement totaling 450,000 after sustaining injuries in a hit and run. The key piece of evidence: a dash cam video submitted by a Good Samaritan and witness of the crash.

Geoff Meyerkord and Tara Dimler of Geoff Meyerkord Law Firm, LC represented three women who were struck by a driver of a black Chevy Challenger on June 3, 2021, at 64 Eastbound near the Oakland exit. Information regarding the black Chevy Challenger and its occupants remain unknown. The driver of the Chevy Challenger fled the scene and continued eastbound before law enforcement arrived. The roads were dry, and it was full daylight and the time of the crash.

After the collision, the three women were taken by ambulance for injuries of the head, spine, abdominal, nasal bone, ankle, and rib.

Meyerkord and Dimler suggest that the dash cam footage was vital in proving the severity of the crash, as it shows the Chevy Challenger crashing into Johnson’s car. The dash cam shows the driver of the Chevy Challenger operating their vehicle recklessly, exceeding the speed limit and weaving between lanes at high speed. The footage ends depicting their vehicle obliterated in the middle of three lanes of interstate traffic.

​Meyerkord and Dimler successfully obtained full and final settlements of all claims under the clients’ Uninsured Motorist coverage with Allstate and Progressive for $450,000.

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